July 31, 2018- Bucky Love!

If you follow my Facebook page you know that I am keeping a watchful eye out for Bucky!  If you live in or around Madison you know all about Bucky on Parade and have probably taken selfies with a Bucky or posed adorable children in front of a life sized Bucky.  But do you know the details behind this free public art event? Local and regional artists used Bucky statues to create 85 unique works of art! If you haven’t found all the Buckys don’t worry!  There is still time! The statues will be throughout Madison and Dane County until 9/12. Are you having a difficult time keeping track of the Buckys that you have visited? Again, no problem – there is an interactive map and app that will help you manage your Bucky sightings and will help you locate those hard to find Buckys.  Not ready to say goodbye to Bucky on 9/12? You don’t have to! You can attend the Bucky on Parade Finale Party on 9/29 at the Kohl Center. Tickets are $125 a person and during the party 30 statues will up for auction. And buy a golden ticket at the Party for a chance to win the Golden Bucky! All of this Bucky hype is fun and it is all for a good cause!  Event proceeds benefit Garding Against Cancer, the Madison Area Sports Commission and other community charities. Please comment about your favorite Bucky sighting!

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