August 22, 2019 – The Stunning Badger State Bike Trail!

Madison is the unofficial bike capital of the Midwest with more bikes than cars! Madison is 7th in the nation for highest percentage of bicycle commuters. In and around Madison there are more than 200 miles of scenic biking trails available. The Badger State Trail consists of 40 miles between Madison and the Wisconsin-Illinois border. While traveling on the Badger State trail expect to see farmland, woods, rolling hills, scenic meadows, prairies and a 1200-foot long tunnel! Thinking about joining the biking commuter group? Or enjoying the stunning Badger State Trail with family on the weekend? Check out the gorgeous property at 6205 Knollwood Drive, Oregon that is a quick 1 mile bike ride to the Badger State Trail. Consider adding biking to your regular routine and see decreased stress levels and increased cardiovascular fitness! 

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